Would you like to be refilled, refreshed and reenergized?
Come all ye who are thirsty, come to the well... Isaiah 55:1

As women, we run non-stop. Our lives are so busy at times.
We need a break. We NEED a refreshing!

The Ball in the Fall is just that! A refreshing! The day is jam packed with theatrics, singing, dancing, heart felt stories, the word of God, the Holy Spirit, tears, laughter, healing, deliverance and so much more!

This 12 scene Evangelical Entertainment Production has been coined "The Next Big Thing" in Christian Women's events. With it's Evangetainment style, you will have fun while growing closer to your Savior and letting go of things from the past that have held you back!

The energy is high, from the moment you walk through the door. The event goes by fast even though it is all day. Many women have cried when it was over claiming, "We can't wait another year, we want more!"

The 2017 Ball in the Fall Lineup will have you on the edge of your seat with scenes and subjects as follows:

Act 1
Superwoman Rant- Managing Stress
Growing Kids- Parenting
The Antique Store- Self Worth

Act 2
Cooking with Machel May- Marriage
Slow Fade Dance- Adultery
The Dominoe Effect- The power of words

Act 3
Scuba Boobah- Facing Fears
Eye of the Storm Dance- Pornography
I'm Sorry- Forgiveness

Act 4
Destination Destiny- Your Destiny
She's Not Dead- The Fruit of Our Lives
Saints Dance- Soldiers for Christ

Each scene will have you laughing, crying, refelcting or all the above. A speaker will speak for @ 15 minutes on the subject matter. A short video clip about the subject will play and the next scene begins. There's never a dull moment at the Ball. You are guaranteed to get something out of it!

Each year our attendance has doubled. The lines have grown larger at the door and so has everyone's heart towards this event. What separates this event from others is the acting and dancing combined with short messages from speakers. Let's face it, we all can't listen to the same person for an hour without getting fidgety. We need constant moving pieces to keep us engaged.

We take bathroom breaks after each Act and a lunch break after Act 2. A live praise and worship band plays 3 songs at the beginning of the day to usher in the spirit of the Lord and again right after lunch. Speakers have tables in the back for you to purchase books, CD's, t-shirts, mugs, jewelry and more! Food is available for purchase in advance through Trevecca.

We hope you, your friends and family can make it to the Ball!